With frequent use of your furnace during the winter, excess wear and tear can occur. Sometimes you may notice a skunky smell coming from your Manchester, TN, furnace. Find out what could be causing your furnace to produce skunky odors and other strange smells.

Potential Gas Leaks

You may notice a strong rotten egg smell coming from your furnace every time you turn it on to heat the home. This smell indicates a gas leak may be present, which requires immediately calling the gas company and exiting the building to protect your safety. An HVAC technician can perform the repairs and should follow up for a maintenance check.

A Buildup of Excess Moisture

If you notice your air vents start to smell musty when the furnace is in use, it can be due to a buildup of moisture inside the system. You’ll need to contact a technician to perform furnace maintenance, clean out the air ducts and improve the air quality in the building. Cleaning out the parts can remove the odor and make it safe to use the furnace again.

Electrical Issues

One of the most common smells most people detect when turning on their furnace for the first time in the season is a burning odor. Burning odors that smell like plastic can be due to a motor or electrical function issue when the system gets too hot. Unfortunately, this can lead to a fire, making it necessary to immediately contact a professional to perform an inspection and complete the necessary furnace repairs.

Knowing why your furnace has different types of odors can allow you to provide proper care and know when to call a professional for help. Call McKamey Heating and Cooling to talk to our team to perform the repairs on your residential property in Manchester, TN.

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