UV light air purifiers do more than just disinfect indoor air and boost overall HVAC system efficiency. These UV-powered purification systems exterminate germs and other airborne viruses to promote the health of your loved ones. Here are ways installing UV light air purifiers in your Manchester, TN, home can increase indoor air quality.

Boost Overall Air Ventilation

Poor indoor air quality can often cause intensified asthma, coughing, headaches and allergies. Degradation of indoor air quality occurs when smog, dust and smoke particles find their way into your home.

UV air purifiers clean approximately 99.97% of germs and microbes that worsen allergic and asthmatic conditions. They also circulate quality air indoors, making the home more comfortable and fresh. When professionally installed, UV air conditioners can also minimize issues with system clogging as less dust and smoke particles will find their way into the air ducts and filters.

Clean Interior Spaces of Microbes

Air conditioning and heating systems work effectively to supply quality air free of microbes. However, during the high humid climates, AC systems are prone to microbe formation. When trapped in the filters or vents, these microbes can affect overall indoor quality.

The best thing about ultraviolet air purifiers is that they can minimize the formation of microbes around your AC coils. In addition, they can kill microbes to keep your air conditioning working efficiently.

Remove Volatile Organic Compounds

Another way UV air purifiers boost indoor air quality is through cleaning volatile organic compounds. Whether the VOCs occur naturally or are man-made, they can trigger serious health problems. The reduction of VOCs by UV purifiers can make commercial and residential indoor spaces more comfortable and healthier.

Ultraviolet air purifiers are easy to install, but that doesn’t mean you can install them all by yourself, as you may end up damaging them. If you decide to install UV air purifiers in your home, contact our certified technicians at McKamey Heating and Cooling for quality and customized HVAC installation services.

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