Ventilation transfers an appropriate amount of fresh outdoor air to your indoor space in Spring Hill, TN. Without proper ventilation, your HVAC system can’t filter contaminants and toxins. Here is why these types of elements and benefits make ventilation a vital component of an HVAC system.

Mechanical Ventilation vs. Natural Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation uses air ducts and fans to distribute air. It provides control over the source of fresh air and the amount of air added to an airtight space. This improves energy efficiency, indoor air quality (IAQ) and more.

You should only use natural or uncontrolled ventilation to supplement mechanical ventilation. While operable windows improve mental well-being, they also allow pollutants to flow into a space freely. This makes it impossible to control clean air and toxin levels inside the home as well as the exhaust coming from the home.

Controls Source of Air

Modern ventilation systems are picky about where they get their air from. They locate and pull in odor and contaminant-free air. They also exhaust air to safe areas.

Controls Amount of Air

Too much air flowing through the vents decreases energy efficiency by forcing your HVAC system to work harder to heat your home. On the other hand, too little air traps pollutants, moisture and odors.

Neither issue is appropriate for an HVAC system, and either issue reduces air quality and disrupts air balance. If you’re experiencing one of these issues, you likely have air leaks and need a heating repair.

Purifies and Circulates Air

Proper ventilation provides a steady supply of clean, breathable air. But without ventilation, an HVAC system can’t circulate this air.

Clean air circulation removes contaminants, freshens your home and improves asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions. Contact McKamey Heating and Cooling for help with clean air circulation, mechanical ventilation and improving IAQ.

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