Ductless or mini-split air conditioners are heat pumps without ducts. By way of a reversing valve, mini-splits can heat your home as well as cool it. A ductless air conditioner can reduce energy costs by a significant margin. They can also make your Shelbyville home a more comfortable place.

Increased Energy Efficiency

The higher the SEER of an air conditioner, the more efficient that unit will be. Ductless mini-splits have SEER ratings of up to 35. High-efficiency air conditioners have SEER ratings of up to 26. Older air conditioners can have SEER ratings as low as 6.

Home Zoning

Ductless air conditioners are zoned systems. An outdoor unit provides cooled air via tubing to one or more indoor units. The indoor units control temperatures in different rooms or zones and operate independently of each other. You can limit cooling in some zones and increase it in others. Because you only cool the rooms you use, utility bills go down. Programmable thermostats can increase energy-efficiency even more.

No More Ductwork Leaks

Energy Star claims that the average American homeowner loses up to 30 percent of cooled air through leaky ductwork. With so much treated air escaping, air conditioners must overwork to cover the losses. Overworked air conditioners are energy vampires. They also require more repairs, and they age prematurely.

High-Tech Operation

Standard air conditioners cycle on and off. That can cause uncomfortable temperature variations and hot or cold spots in your home. Mini-splits maintain consistent indoor temperatures by running more slowly at a lower capacity. That saves on cooling costs, increases comfort, improves indoor air quality and provides excellent humidity control.

Learn more about whether a ductless air conditioner would be a good match for your Shelbyville home. Schedule a free consultation with an expert at McKamey Heating and Cooling. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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