The last thing you want is for your Shelbyville, TN, air conditioner to break down during the summer. If you aren’t maintaining your AC unit consistently, then you might benefit from a new one. Here are the following signs that indicate you need a new air conditioner for your home.

Limited Airflow & Lack of Cool Air

Check to see if cold air comes out of your air ducts after the air conditioner kicks on. If the airflow feels weak or isn’t cold enough, then you might need to think about installing a new unit.

Moisture Buildup

Your air conditioner could have a refrigerant leak if you notice moisture around the unit. This issue results in higher utility bills and a home that doesn’t cool efficiently. Call a professional technician to see if it’s time for maintenance or replacement.

Odd Noises

You don’t want to hear strange sounds coming from your air conditioner. Do you notice noises like chattering, grinding or squeaking? Those are not typical signs of aging and indicate that your next best step is upgrading your AC equipment.

Bad Odors

A well-functioning AC system should deliver clean air that doesn’t have a foul smell. Do you smell burning or smoking smells coming from your HVAC system? It’s time to check whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Increased Utility Costs

You’ll notice higher energy bills when your air conditioning system has to work harder than usual to cool the house. It’s normal to see an HVAC system’s efficiency drop 5% to 10% as it gets older. Get a technician to inspect the unit if you’re noticing a sudden increase in your utility bill.

If you see some of these problems with your AC system, then we encourage you to call one of our friendly McKamey Heating and Cooling representatives. We’ll inspect your system and let you know if you need an AC replacement.

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