Faulty heaters are unreliable and costly to maintain. If yours is malfunctioning, you should consider a replacement. Decreased temperature efficiency, high utility bills and unfamiliar noises are some indicators that your heat pump is reaching the end of its useful life. If you live in Shelbyville, TN, here are four signs that you need a heat pump replacement.

Frequent Maintenance and Repair

Repairing a heat pump up to three times a year indicates a deeper underlying problem that may lead to a greater malfunction down the line. If the heating repair costs exceed half of a new heat pump’s purchase price, it would be better to save money by switching to a new system.

Continuously Running

Heat pumps run in cycles to heat the home to a comfortable temperature range. If your unit is continuously running, it may be too small for the heating needs of your house. This indicates an overworked system, which you should replace with one that suits the size of the house.

Higher Utility Bill

In winter, your energy bill may go up because the system is working extra hard to maintain a comfortable temperature. Extremely high bills indicate that the system wastes energy and is inefficient. Replacing your system with a more energy-efficient unit will eliminate these extra costs.

Unusual Noises

Modern systems make some noise when their cycles begin and end, but they are mostly silent during operation. Continuous and prolonged squeaking and grinding mean you need to replace your old heat pump.

Timely replacement of a faulty heater can save you from unnecessary repairs and maintenance expenses. If you need a professional heat pump replacement, contact McKamey Heating and Cooling today, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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