Is your Spring Hill, Tennessee, home dusty? Dust motes floating a beam of sunlight represent only a fraction of what’s actually circulating through the air. House dust is a sneeze-inducing mix of mites, pollen, mold, fibers and other particulates too small to see. Even with good housekeeping, it’s impossible to eliminate dust from your home. These three simple tips, however, can help with reducing dust and improving your indoor air quality.

Deal with the Dust Mites

The main cause of dust allergies is microscopic mites that feed on dead skin and animal dander. Most dust mites live on bedding, carpets and upholstered furnishings. Kill the creepy creatures by washing bed sheets and coverlets weekly in hot water between 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Encasing your mattresses and pillows in dust-proof covers will also reduce their numbers.

Change Your HVAC Filter

The filter in your heating or cooling system is your first defense against poor indoor air quality. Check it frequently for signs of dirt. Clogged filters allow dust to enter the system’s air ducts. The contaminants can then re-circulate through the system an average of five to seven times per day. Upgrading to a whole-home air cleaner can help too. These advanced filtration systems reduce dust without impacting system performance.

Control Indoor Humidity

Dust mites multiply quickly in warm, humid air. A quality whole-house dehumidifier will maintain humidity levels between 30 to 50 percent. At McKamey Heating and Cooling, we offer dehumidifiers that can work with your HVAC system or operate independently. That’s bad news for dust mites and good news for anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

Since 1991, McKamey Heating and Cooling has provided indoor air quality solutions to Spring Hill, Tennessee, and the neighboring communities. From air purifiers to ventilation systems, we know what it takes to keep your home healthy. For more information, explore our indoor air quality services or call (931) 684-3488.

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