Just because your furnace worked fine last season doesn’t mean it is ready to handle the demands of another Tennessee winter. Before the temperatures turn chilly in Shelbyville, schedule a heating maintenance service to head off any issues that might leave your family unexpectedly battling frigid weather.

1. Get Prepped for Winter

There is nothing worse than switching over to heat mode on a chilly day and discovering the furnace doesn’t work. During an autumn HVAC maintenance inspection, the system is tested to ensure that coils, fluids, filters, electrical connections and sensors are working properly. The chance of getting carbon monoxide poisoning increases during winter due to closed up homes and broken gas lines, leaky chimneys and malfunctioning furnaces. A quick examination of these systems in the fall can prevent a catastrophe in the winter.

2. Get Priority Service

The demand for HVAC professionals decreases during the milder fall weather, so technicians can spend more time with each customer. You are also more likely to get an appointment when it’s most convenient for you and not get bumped for an emergency call. With an HVAC maintenance agreement, plan members get priority service all year long, as well as repair discounts.

3. Breathe Healthier Indoor Air

We love to let the cool Tennessee breeze filter through, but opening our windows invites pollen and dust into our homes. This gets trapped inside when we seal up the house. Clean air filters capture these aggravating particles and increase airflow. Since you are going to be spending more time indoors, you may also want to discuss ways to improve indoor air quality with your technician during the fall inspection.

Avoid unnecessary repairs this winter by scheduling a fall appointment with McKamey Heating and Cooling. Contact our trained technicians at (931) 684-3488 to learn more about our HVAC maintenance service agreement or check our Specials page for discount rates on a heating precision tune-up.

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